Siemens Simadyn DCS PLC series offers Signal Amplifier Modules, C Relay Modules and CPU Controllers.

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Simadyn Description Stock Level
6DD1683-0CC0Siemens Simadyn D Power Supply Unit SP22 (6DD1683-0CC0)In Stock, Ships Today
6DD1683-0CC5Siemens Simadyn Power Supply Unit SP22.5 (6DD1683-0CC5)Call, Low Supply
6DD1683-0CD06DD1683-0CD0 Power Supply (6DD16830CD0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1683-0CH0Siemens Simadyn D Power Supply PS5213 (6DD1683-0CH0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1684-0AH0Siemens Simadyn D Ribbon Cable SC7 (6DD1684-0AH0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1684-0BC0Siemens Simadyn D Ribbon Cable SC12 (6DD1684-0BC0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1684-0BD0Siemens Simadyn D Ribbon Cable SC13 (6DD1684-0BD0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1684-0DC0Siemens Simadyn D Control System Cable SC32 (6DD1684-0DC0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1684-0DG16DD1684-0DG1 Cable (6DD16840DG1)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1688-0AD0Siemens Simadyn D Communication Submodule SS4 (6DD1688-0AD0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1688-0AE0Siemens Simadyn D Communication Submodule SS5 (6DD1688-0AE0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1688-0AE1Siemens Simadyn D Communication Submodule SS51 (6DD1688-0AE1)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1688-0AE2Siemens Simadyn D Communication Module SS52 (6DD1688-0AE2)In Stock, Ships Today
6DD1688-1AA06DD1688-1AA0 Interface Module (6DD16881AA0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1688-1AB0Siemens Simadyn D Interface Submodule SS2 (6DD1688-1AB0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1688-1AC06DD1688-1AC0 Interface Module (6DD16881AC0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1688-1AC16DD1688-1AC1 Interface Submodule (6DD16881AC1)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1841-0AB2Siemens Simadyn D Memory Submodule PT1 (6DD1841-0AB2)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD1842-0AA06DD1842-0AA0 Subrack with Axial Winder (6DD18420AA0)Call, Low Supply
6DD2920-0AA0Siemens Simadyn D Trigger Module TS12 (6DD2920-0AA0)In Stock, Ships Today
6DD2920-0AB1Siemens Simadyn D Interface Module SE48.1 (6DD2920-0AB1)In Stock, Ships Today
6DD2920-0AC0Siemens Simadyn D Light Sender Module ELE1 (6DD2920-0AC0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD2920-0AD0Siemens Simadyn D Light Receiver Module ERL1 (6DD2920-0AD0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD2920-0AQ06DD2920-0AQ0 Output Changeover Module (6DD29200AQ0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD2920-0AR1Siemens Simadyn D Transformer Module SA61 (6DD2920-0AR1)In Stock, Ships Today
6DD2920-0AR6Siemens Simadyn D Line Supply Sensing Module SA20.1 (6DD2920-0AR6)In Stock, Ships Today
6DD2920-0AS16DD2920-0AA1 Impulse Module (6DD29200AS1)Call, Low Supply
6DD2920-0AV0Siemens Simadyn D Pulse Output Module IMPAG1 (6DD2920-0AV0)In Stock, Ships Today
6DD2920-0XB01Siemens Simadyn D Fiber Optic Module ISL (6DD2920-0XB01)Call, Low Supply
6DD2920-1AW1Siemens Simadyn TAS21D Thyristor Electronics without Electron (6DD2920-1AW1)Call, Low Supply
6DD3440-0AB0Siemens Simadyn D Processor Module PT10 (6DD3440-0AB0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD3440-0AB2Siemens Simadyn D Memory Submodule MS47 (6DD3440-0AB2)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD3460-0AB0Siemens Simadyn D Input Output Termination Module SE58 (6DD3460-0AB0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD3461-0AB0Siemens Simadyn D Cable SC58 (6DD3461-0AB0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD3461-0AE0Siemens Simadyn D Plug-in Cable SC60 (6DD3461-0AE0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD3462-0AB0Siemens Simadyn D Programming Adapter UP3 (6DD3462-0AB0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD3470-0AD0Siemens Simadyn D Standard Planning Aid 6RA24/6SE12 (6DD3470-0AD0)Available, Can Ship Today
6DD7090-0AASiemens Simadyn D Control Unit (6DD7090-0AA10)Available, Can Ship Today
6EV2200-5CC6EV2200-5CC Power Supply (6EV22005CC)Call, Low Supply
6EV2200-5DC6EV2200-5DC Power Supply (6EV22005DC)Available, Can Ship Today
6EV2200-5EC6EV2200-5EC Power Supply (6EV22005EC)Call, Low Supply
6EV2200-5FCSiemens Simadyn C Power Supply (6EV2200-5FC)Call, Low Supply
6EV2300-4AK006EV2300-4AK00 Power Supply (6EV23004AK00)Available, Can Ship Today
6EW1810-2AA6EW1810-2AA Rack with Power Supply (6EW18102AA)Call, Low Supply
6EW1810-3AA6EW1810-3AA Power Supply (6EW18103AA)Available, Can Ship Today
6GA4630-0AC 06Siemens Simadyn C Module (6GA4630-0AC 06)Available, Can Ship Today
6GA4630-0AC 07Siemens Simadyn Module (6GA4630-0AC 07)Available, Can Ship Today
6GA4630-0AC04Siemens Simadyn C Speed Controller for Holding Gear (6GA4630-0AC04)Available, Can Ship Today
6PA1000-1BCSiemens Simadyn C SITOR Output Module (6PA1000-1BC)Available, Can Ship Today
6PA1102-1BCSiemens Simadyn C SITOR Synchronizing Module (6PA1102-1BC)Available, Can Ship Today
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