Simatic C1 & C2

Siemens Simatic C1 & C2 series offers C1 and C2 Modules, Teleperm Boards, Circuit Breaker Modules and Power Supplies.

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Simatic C1 & C2 Description Stock Level
6EC1000-0ASimatic C1 Module ( 6EC10000A)Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1000-3ASimatic C1 Module ( 6EC10003A )Call, Low Supply
6EC1001-0ASimatic C1 Module ( 6EC10010A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1001-3A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC10013A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1010-0ASimatic C1 Module ( 6EC10100A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1010-3ASimatic C1 Module ( 6EC10103A )Call, Low Supply
6EC1011-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC10110A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1012-0ASimatic C1 Module ( 6EC10120A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1012-3A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC10123A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1040-0ASimatic C1 Module ( 6EC10400A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1040-3A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC10403A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1050-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC10500A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1050-3A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC10503A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1060-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC10600A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1110-0ASimatic C1 Module ( 6EC11100A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1110-3A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC11103A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1111-3A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC11113A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1112-4ASimatic C1 Mini Block ( 6EC11124A )Call, Low Supply
6EC1120-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC11200A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1130-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC11300A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1150-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC11500A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1150-3BSimatic C1 Module ( 6EC11503B )Call, Low Supply
6EC1200-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC12000A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1200-3A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC12003A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1220-0ASimatic C1 Module ( 6EC12200A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1220-4ASimatic C1 Module ( 6EC12204A )Call, Low Supply
6EC1230-0ASimatic C2 Module ( 6EC12300A )Call, Low Supply
6EC1240-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC12400A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1310-3ASimatic C1 Module ( 6EC13103A )Call, Low Supply
6EC1400-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC14000A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1440-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC14400A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1470-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC14700A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1470-3A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC14703A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1600-3A Simatic C1 Load Resistor Module ( 6EC16003A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1601-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC16010A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1608-3AA Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC16083AA )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1611-3A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC16113A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1620-0ASimatic C1 Module ( 6EC16200A )Call, Low Supply
6EC1621-0ASimatic C1 Module ( 6EC16210A )Call, Low Supply
6EC1651-4ASimatic C1 Mini Block ( 6EC16514A )Call, Low Supply
6EC1652-0ASimatic C1 Module ( 6EC16520A )In Stock, Ships Today
6EC1654-0BSimatic C1 Teleperm Board ( 6EC16540B )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1660-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC16600A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1661-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC16610A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1700-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC17000A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1710-0A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC17100A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1710-3A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC17103A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC1802-3A Simatic C1 Module ( 6EC18023A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC2110-0ASimatic C2 Module ( 6EC21100A )Available, Can Ship Today
6EC2120-0A Simatic C2 Module ( 6EC21200A )Available, Can Ship Today
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