Advant 800xA

ABB Advant 800xA DCS series offers Thermocouple Inputs, Fieldbus Modules, Profibus DPs and Termination Units.

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Advant 800xA Description Stock Level
07CR41ABB Advant 800xA Controller Basic Unit (07CR41) Alt# 1SBP260020R1001In Stock, Ships Today
1SBP260020R1001ABB Advant 800xA 07CR41 Advant Controller Basic Unit (1SBP260020R1001)In Stock, Ships Today
1SBP260052R1001ABB Advant 800xA IMMK14N1 Avant Controller 31 Remote Unit (1SBP260052R1001)Available, Can Ship Today
1SNA645524R2300ABB Advant 800xA Opto Coupler Module (1SNA645524R2300)Call, Low Supply
200-APB12ABB Advant 800xA Profibus Adapter (200-APB12)Available, Can Ship Today
200-IA8ABB Advant 800xA Digital Intput Module (200-IA8)Available, Can Ship Today
200-IE8ABB Advant 800xA Analog Input 8 Channel (200-IE8)Call, Low Supply
200-IT8ABB Advant 800xA Thermocouple Inputs (200-IT8)Available, Can Ship Today
200-TB3TABB Advant 800xA Teminal Block (200-TB3T)Available, Can Ship Today
200C-IB10xOB6PABB Advant 800xA Digital Input (200C-IB10xOB6P)Available, Can Ship Today
200C-IB16ABB Advant 800xA Digital Input (200C-IB16)Available, Can Ship Today
200C-IE8ABB Advant 800xA Analog Current Input 8 Channel (200C-IE8)Available, Can Ship Today
200C-OB16PABB Advant 800xA Digital Output 16 x 24 VDC/ Protected (200C-OB16P)Call, Low Supply
3BDH000013R1ABB Advant 800xA SA811F Power Supply (3BDH000013R1)Available, Can Ship Today
3BDH000017R1ABB Advant 800xA Ethernet Module 10BaseT (3BDH000017R1)Call, Low Supply
3BDH000022R1ABB Advant 800xA Ethernet Fieldbus Module - 10BaseT (3BDH000022R1)Available, Can Ship Today
3BDH000030R1ABB Advant 800xA CAN Module (3BDH000030R1)Available, Can Ship Today
3BDH000031R1ABB Advant 800xA FI 820F Fieldbus Module, Serial (3BDH000031R1)Available, Can Ship Today
3BDH000032R1ABB Advant 800xA FI830F Fieldbus Module, Profibus DP (3BDH000032R1)Available, Can Ship Today
3BDH000033R1ABB Advant 800xA F I840F Fieldbus Module, FFHSE (3BDH000033R1)Available, Can Ship Today
3BDH000050R1ABB Advant 800xA AM811F Battery Module (3BDH000050R1)Available, Can Ship Today
3BDH000320R02ABB Advant 800xA LD 800HSE Linking Device (3BDH000320R02)Call, Low Supply
3BDH000530R1ABB Advant 800xA PM 803F Base Unit (3BDH000530R1)Available, Can Ship Today
3BDZ000398R1ABB Advant 800xA RLM01 Redundancy Link Module (3BDZ000398R1) Alt# RLM01In Stock, Ships Today
3BSC610038R1ABB Advant 800xA Power Supply Module (3BSC610038R1) Alt# SD822In Stock, Ships Today
3BSC610042R1ABB Advant 800xA SS822 Power Voting Unit (3BSC610042R1)In Stock, Ships Today
3BSC690071R1ABB Advant 800xA AI890 Analog Input w/Intrinsic Safety Interface (3BSC690071R1)Available, Can Ship Today
3BSC690073R1ABB Advant 800xA DI890 Digital Input w/ Intrinsic Safety Interface (3BSC690073R1)In Stock, Ships Today
3BSC690074R1ABB Advant 800xA DO890 Digital Output w/ Intrinsic Safety Interface (3BSC690074R1)In Stock, Ships Today
3BSC690075R1ABB Advant 800xA TU890 Module Termination Unit (3BSC690075R1)In Stock, Ships Today
3BSC690087R1ABB Advant 800xA Analog Input Module (3BSC690087R1) Alt#AO895Available, Can Ship Today
3BSC840157R1ABB Advant 800xA Module Termination Unit (3BSC840157R1)Available, Can Ship Today
3BSC950089R1ABB Advant 800xA TK801V003 Modulebus Extension Cable (3BSC950089R1)Available, Can Ship Today
3BSC950089R2ABB Advant 800xA TK801V006 Modulebus Extension Cable (3BSC950089R2)Available, Can Ship Today
3BSC950089R3ABB Advant 800xA Modulebus Extension Shielded Cable (3BSC950089R3)Call, Low Supply
3BSC950107R1ABB Advant 800xA TK811V015 POF Cable, 1.5m, Duplex (3BSC950107R1)Call, Low Supply
3BSC950107R2ABB Advant 800xA TK811V050 POF Cable, 5m, Duplex (3BSC950107R2)Available, Can Ship Today
3BSC950192R1ABB Advant 800xA TK850V007 Cable (3BSC950192R1)Call, Low Supply
3BSC950193R1ABB Advant 800xA CEX-Bus Terminatior (3BSC950193R1)In Stock, Ships Today
3BSE008508R1ABB Advant 800xA Digital Input Module (3BSE008508R1)In Stock, Ships Today
3BSE008510R1ABB Advant 800xA DO810 Digital Output Module (3BSE008510R1)In Stock, Ships Today
3BSE008512R1ABB Advant 800xA DI820 Digital Input, 120 Vac (3BSE008512R1)In Stock, Ships Today
3BSE008514R1ABB Advant 800xA Digital Output Relay Module (3BSE008514R1)In Stock, Ships Today
3BSE008516R1ABB Advant 800xA AI810 Analog Input Module (3BSE008516R1)In Stock, Ships Today
3BSE008518R1ABB Advant 800xA AI830 Analog Input - RTD (3BSE008518R1)Available, Can Ship Today
3BSE008520R1ABB Advant 800xA AI835 Analog Input Module (3BSE008520R1)In Stock, Ships Today
3BSE008522R1ABB Advant 800xA AO810 Analog Output Module (3BSE008522R1)In Stock, Ships Today
3BSE008524R1ABB Advant 800xA TU810 Compact Module Termination Unit (3BSE008524R1)Call, Low Supply
3BSE008530R1ABB Advant 800xA Extended Module Termination Unit (3BSE008530R1)Available, Can Ship Today
3BSE008534R1ABB Advant 800xA TB805 Bus Outlet (3BSE008534R1)In Stock, Ships Today
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