Emerson Ovation DCS series offers Input Output Bus Terminators, Differential SOE Digital Inputs and Link Controllers.

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Ovation Description Stock Level
1B30023H01Emerson Ovation I/O Bus Terminator (1B30023H01)In Stock, Ships Today
1B30023H02Emerson Ovation I/O Bus Terminator (1B30023H02)Available, Can Ship Today
1B30035H01Emerson Ovation I/O Termination Base (1B30035H01)In Stock, Ships Today
1B30047G01Emerson Ovation Temp Compensation Cover (1B30047G01)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31107G01Emerson Ovation 24V/48V Digital Input (1C31107G01)Call, Low Supply
1C31107G02Emerson Ovation Digital Input Module (1C31107G02)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31110G01Emerson Ovation Digital Input (1C31110G01)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31110G02Emerson Ovation Differential SOE/Digital Input (1C31110G02)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31110G03Emerson Ovation 48VDC Contact Wetting SOE/Digital In (1C31110G03)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31113G01Emerson Ovation 20mV Analog Input (1C31113G01)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31113G02Emerson Ovation 50mV Analog Input (1C31113G02)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31113G03Emerson Ovation 100mV Analog Input (1C31113G03)Call, Low Supply
1C31113G04Emerson Ovation 1VDC Analog Input (1C31113G04)Call, Low Supply
1C31113G05Emerson Ovation 5VDC/0-20mA Analog Input (1C31113G05)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31113G06Emerson Ovation 10VDC Analog Input (1C31113G06)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31116G01Emerson Ovation mV/VDC non-compensated Analog Input (1C31116G01)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31116G02Emerson Ovation 0-20mA Field Powered Analog Input (1C31116G02)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31116G03Emerson Ovation 0-20mA Locally Powered Analog Input (1C31116G03)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31116G04Emerson Ovation mV Compensated Analog Input (1C31116G04)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31116G05Emerson Ovation Analog Input Module (1C31116G05)Call, Low Supply
1C31122G01Emerson Ovation Digital Output Card (1C31122G01)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31125G01Emerson Ovation Digital Output Module (1C31125G01)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31125G02Emerson Ovation Digital Output (1C31125G02)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31125G03Emerson Ovation Digital Output (1C31125G03)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31129G01Emerson Ovation 0-5VDC Analog Output (1C31129G01)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31129G02Emerson Ovation 0-10VDC Analog Output (1C31129G02)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31129G03Emerson Ovation 0-20mA Analog Output w/Diagnostics (1C31129G03)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31129G04Emerson Ovation Analog Output w/o Diagnostics (1C31129G04)Call, Low Supply
1C31132G01Emerson Ovation Analog Output (1C31132G01)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31132G02Emerson Ovation Analog Output (1C31132G02)Call, Low Supply
1C31142G01Emerson Ovation Contact Input (1C31142G01)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31147G01Emerson Ovation Pulse Accumulator 5/12V and 24/48V (1C31147G01)Call, Low Supply
1C31147G02Emerson Ovation 5V High Speed (1C31147G02)Call, Low Supply
1C31150G01Emerson Ovation Local Power Pos Common Pulse Acc. (1C31150G01)Call, Low Supply
1C31150G02Emerson Ovation Pulse Accumulator 1/2A 250V (1C31150G02)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31150G03Emerson Ovation External Power Pulse Accumulator (1C31150G03)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31157G01Emerson Ovation 24V/48V Sequence of Events (1C31157G01)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31157G02Emerson Ovation 125V Sequence of Events (1C31157G02)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31157G03Emerson Ovation 48V On-Card Contact Wetting SOE (1C31157G03)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31161G02Emerson Ovation RTD (1C31161G02)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31164G01Emerson Ovation RTD Input Module (1C31164G01)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31164G02Emerson Ovation RTD Input Module (1C31164G02)Call, Low Supply
1C31166G01Emerson Ovation Serial Link Controller RS232/RS485 (1C31166G01)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31169G01Emerson Ovation RS232 Link Controller (1C31169G01)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31169G02Emerson Ovation RS485 Link Controller (1C31169G02)Call, Low Supply
1C31174G01Emerson Ovation 0-10V AI; 0-10V AO Loop Interface (1C31174G01)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31174G02Emerson Ovation 0-5V AI; 0-10V AO Loop Interface (1C31174G02)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31174G03Emerson Ovation 0-20mA Loop Interface (1C31174G03)Available, Can Ship Today
1C31174G04Emerson Ovation Loop Interface Electric Drive (1C31174G04)In Stock, Ships Today
1C31177G01Emerson Ovation Voltage AO Loop Interface (1C31177G01)Available, Can Ship Today
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