UNITROL Controls offers Voltage Regulator Modules, Power Converters and Packs and Measuring Interface Units.

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UNITROL Description Stock Level
3BHE022291R0101ABB UNITROL PC D230 A: PEC80-CCM (3BHE022291R0101)Call, Low Supply
3BHE025541R0101ABB UNITROL PC D231 B: PEC80-CCI (3BHE025541R0101)Call, Low Supply
3BHE032025R0101ABB Unitrol Exciter Control (3BHE032025R0101)Call, Low Supply
HEIR207569R1ABB Unitrol UN 2010B-P Module (HEIR207569R1)Available, Can Ship Today
HEIR318629R1ABB Unitrol UN 1024c-P Rotor Current LimiterAvailable, Can Ship Today
HEIR319404R1ABB Unitrol Power Signal Converter (HEIR319404R1)Available, Can Ship Today
UN 0974c-P Var.1ABB Unitrol UN 0974C-P ModuleAvailable, Can Ship Today
UN 1006a-P Var.1ABB Unitrol UN 1006a-P Var.1 Supervisory Module (HEIR448085R1)Available, Can Ship Today
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